• Conversational Agent

    Goal: Creating a conversational agent for patients to optimize utilization, compliance, efficacy, and maintenance of the program.
    Fall 2020 - Spring 2021. [code]

  • Attrition Prediction for eHealth Interventions

    Goal: Examining attrition in the MindTrails program for social anxiety mitigation.
    Spring 2019 - Fall 2020. [code]

  • Social support for HIV patients

    Goal: Building a network of topics amongst patients and providers in the positive link program.
    Summer 2020 - Fall 2020. [code]

  • Just-in-time intervention for patient with Diabetes

    Goal: Developing a system to schedule a personalized reminder for those with type-2 diabetes for tracking their food and physical activities.
    Fall 2020 - Spring 2021.



  • NEW! A Framework for Understanding the Relationship between Social Media Discourse and Mental Health

    Sanjana Mendu, Anna Baglione, Sonia Baee, Congyu Wu, Brandon Ng, Adi Shaked, Gerald Clore, Mehdi Boukhechba, Laura Barnes ACM Human Computer Interaction. CSCW 2020. October 2020.

  • SocialText: A framework for understanding the relationship between digital communication patterns and mental health.

    Mendu, Sanjana, Mehdi Boukhechba, Anna Baglione, Sonia Baee, Congyu Wu, Laura Barnes. 2019 IEEE 13th international conference on semantic computing (ICSC), pp. 428-433. IEEE, 2019. [pdf]

  • Do I really feel better? Effectiveness of emotion regulation strategies depends on the measure and social anxiety

    Daniel, Katharine E., Sonia Baee, Mehdi Boukhechba, Laura E. Barnes, and Bethany A. Teachman. Depression and Anxiety 36, no. 12 (2019): 1182-1190 [pdf] [data] [code]

  • A social cognitive theory-based framework for monitoring medication adherence applied to endocrine therapy in breast cancer survivors

    Boukhechba, Mehdi, Sonia Baee, Alicia L. Nobles, Jiaqi Gong, Kristen Wells, Laura E. Barnes IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics. BHI 2018. [pdf]

  • Passenger boarding/alighting management in urban rail transportation

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